Cascate del Mulino is a free access, natural site in the Southern Tuscan Maremma.  Over time, nature created a fascinating masterpiece: the vigorous flow of sulphurous water carved a series of natural pools in the limestone rock. Here, the memories of a territory have arisen, inspired by the prodigious power of Saturnia thermal waters.

Also this summer and for three months ahead, this unique space hosts the second edition of “Il Molino del Bagno”, a temporary project named by the historical building of the mill that represented a meeting point for the local community for a long time. Today, this place near the Saturnia waterfalls lives again thanks to: an open-air relaxation area, set up with sun umbrellas and gazebos in harmony with the surrounding landscape; “Il Rifugio alle Cascate” kiosk which offers tasty snacks and delicious dishes accompanied by a selection of wines curated by the Consorzio Morellino di Scansano DOCG; a temporary installation accessible upon request to the staff and celebrating the mill’s memories and the key element of water; and other activities aimed at promoting the local territory.



Months of events


Opening days


Beach umbrellas




“Il Molino del Bagno” is open Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 8 pm, and accessible with a full day or afternoon-only ticket to buy directly on site and subject to availability.

Prices are per person and includes access to the relaxing area and the renting of a beach umbrella or gazebo; the use of toilettes, showers and bathing-huts; the visit of the temporary exposition within the historical mill upon request directly to the staff on site.

The entrance is free for children under 12 years old.

(from 2 pm)

Allowed occupancy: for each beach umbrella, 2 adults and 1 kid maximum; for each gazebo, 4 adults and 2 kids maximum.

Included services: toilettes, showers, bathing-huts.

Other services to buy on site: lockers for personal belongings, towels, flip-flops, sunscreen.


Not just relaxation but also a culinary discovery of the territory, curated by Il Rifugio from Manciano: “Il Rifugio alle Cascate” is a kiosk installed in Il Molino del Bagno area and offers drinks, cocktails and wines by glass, tasty snacks and light and quick dishes. It is possible to reserve the meal and ask for delivery directly under the beach umbrella or gazebo station, also choosing from hot dishes and a selection of bottled wines from the Consorzio Morellino di Scansano DOCS.

Entrance to the Hot Spring Pools

Entrance to the Club

SPA & Thermal Treatments


The Waterfalls of Saturnia, also known as Cascate del Mulino or Cascate del Gorello, are among the most popular and fascinating in the world: a striking sight of steam rising between the Maremma hills, an unforgettable postcard of contrasts between the candid white travertine stone and the blue thermal water. This wild and spectacular site was born naturally by the cascade of sulphurous water. Over the centuries, the force of the warm water stream of the Gorello has modelled the calcareous rock into an articulated series of natural bathtubs near the mill.

The thermal water that feeds the waterfalls has volcanic origins, on the slopes of Mount Amiata. The water filters slowly through the rocky fissures, flowing underground for 40 years and then emerging in the natural hot spring located in Terme di Saturnia Resort at a constant temperature of 37.5 ° C and a flow rate of 500 liters per second. During its underground journey, it is enriched with minerals that enhance its beneficial effects on the cardio-circulatory, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. Its strongly protective, antioxidant and purifying actions combine with natural exfoliation, cleansing and skin-regeneration.

Gushing in the Natural Spring within the Resort, the water flows to the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia, one of the largest outdoor spaces entirely dedicated to thermal wellness in Europe. Generating the Gorello stream, it subsequently flows for a few kilometres through the meadows of Saturnia before reaching and feeding the Waterfalls, to finally join the Stellata stream.

Hot Spring Pools

The best place to bathe in thermal waters in Saturnia is the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia. Its facilities are immersed in a 20.000 sqm park and accessible daily: five outdoor pools also for kids, whirlpools and cascade hydromassage, vascular courses with hot and cold water, a Finnish sauna, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a Bistrot for zesty meals, and many other wellness experiences to add such as a self-treatment with aesthetic thermal mud and access to the Argillarium, massages, beauty rituals and thermal treatments at the SPA.


Are the Saturnia falls free or private with an entrance fee?

Access to the natural site of Saturnia waterfalls, also known as “Cascate del Mulino” or “Cascate del Gorello”, is freeFor three consecutive months, the historic area of the Mill is now accessible, thanks to the temporary installation “Il Molino del Bagno”. While, if you want to bathe, there are several entrance tickets to the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia, the extensive thermal park where living an experience dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The entrance tickets include: five outdoor thermal pools, whirlpools and vascular courses with hot and cold water, a Finnish Sauna, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a Bistrot for zesty meals.

Is it possible to bathe?

Access to the natural site of Saturnia waterfalls, also known as “Cascate del Mulino” or “Cascate del Gorello”, is free. For three consecutive months, the historic area of the Mill is now accessible, thanks to the temporary installation “Il Molino del Bagno”. While, if you want to bathe, there are several entrance tickets to the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia, the extensive thermal park where living an experience dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The entrance tickets include: five outdoor thermal pools, whirlpools and vascular courses with hot and cold water, a Finnish Sauna, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a Bistrot for zesty meals.

Are they suitable for children? From what age?

Thermal baths are generally not recommended for children under 2 years of age. However, it is always a good idea to consult your paediatrician for specific needs or situations. If you want to bathe in complete safety, the best place is the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia, always supervised by lifeguards and rescue personnel and with pools reserved for children. Here, for every paying adult, one child under 12 years of age is free.

Is it also possible to go in winter?

Access to the natural site of Saturnia waterfalls is free. Thanks to the mild climate of Maremma, it is possible to stay outdoors and enjoy the natural spectacle of the Cascate del Mulino, even in the coldest seasons such as autumn and winter.

Is there a parking area for motorhomes? Is it equipped?

Yes, there is an equipped camper van parking area nearby.

Is there a car park nearby? Is it guarded?

There is one unattended car park near the Falls site.

Are there hotels and accommodation in the area?

Yes, they are numerous. Please note that some of the accommodation facilities in the area have an agreement with Terme di Saturnia and offer their guests special rates on the entrance tickets to the Hot Spring Pools.

Are there camping areas nearby?

No, there are no authorised camping areas. There is, however, a camper van area.

Are dogs and pets allowed?

The natural site of Cascate del Mulino is also open to animals. However, please keep your pet under control in order to respect nature and the people around you.

Are there lockers/ showers/ changing rooms (with hairdryers)?

The Cascate del Mulino waterfalls are an almost unspoilt natural site. To take advantage of this type of comfort, the best place is the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia (services included in the entrance ticket).

Is the water clean?

The waters generating the Mill Falls come from a journey of a few kilometres through the Gorello stream. Only part of the purest and most aseptic water of the Falls comes, therefore, from the thermal spring, which is located inside the Resort of Terme di Saturnia. To enjoy cleaner water, please visit Terme di Saturnia. Its thermal pools, whirlpool baths and vascular paths are fed directly by the water from the Natural Hot Spring, at a rate of 500lt per second.

What are the properties of the thermal water?

The water of Saturnia is a sulphur water with numerous benefits: it is strongly curative for the skin; it reduces arterial pressure; it increases pulmonary ventilation; it determines an exfoliating peeling and a deep antiseptic action; it has an anti-aging action for the liver; it reduces tension in the cardio-circulatory and respiratory systems.

What is the nearest airport/train/bus station?

Airport: Rome FCO, Florence, Pisa. Train: Albinia, Capalbio, Grosseto. Bus: for public transport, please consult the Tiemme website before leaving for your trip.

Is it possible to eat food brought from home? Are there picnic areas?

There are no specific picnic areas. By accessing to Il Molino del Bagno, you can eat your own food or packed lunch under the sun umbrella or gazebo and in the areas set up for this purpose.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is permitted in the open air.

What is the water temperature?

Here the water temperature is between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius. The temperature of 37, 5 degrees Celsius is only at the source: the natural hot spring within the Resort of Terme di Saturnia.

Do I need booties to enter the water?

The route and bottom can be steep and/or slippery. Extreme caution is recommended. Bringing shoes with you may make the movement more agile.

Can I bring sun loungers/chairs/parasols?

The waterfalls are an almost untouched natural site. The area adjacent to the Mill is temporarily set upfor 90 consecutive days, Il Molino del Bagno offers sun umbrellas and gazebos with a daily entrance fee and a rental service of sunbeds, deckchairs and chairs within its perimeter. Alternatively, for a full wellbeing experience with the best comforts, please visit the Hot Spring Pools of the Terme di Saturnia.

What are the red worms that can be found in water?

“Red Worms” are chiromonids in the larval stage. They grow spontaneously and cyclically in environments with a low concentration of oxygen (the thermal water of Saturnia is rich in CO2 and H2S).

Can I bathe at night?

The natural site is open 24/7. Extreme caution is recommended.

Is bathing also recommended in warmer periods due to the water temperature?

The Mulino waterfalls are accessible in all seasons. To bathe, the best place is the Hot Spring Pools of Terme di Saturnia, a thermal park open all year round. If you have any personal contraindications, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor or ask for advice from Terme di Saturnia’s in-house medical team.

Should I bring bathrobes and towels with me?

Yes, if you stop at the Cascate del Mulino nature site, or at the equipped area of Il Mulino del Bagno. Otherwise, a white dress code is a must at Terme di Saturnia. As well as bringing your own, you can rent the Wellness Kit (towel and bathrobe).

Is it possible to do mud baths?

Mud tratments and baths can only be done by experienced and qualified staff. Please, contact the SPA of Terme di Saturnia.

What are the busiest periods and times?

During weekends and at summer time (from June to September), the natural site of Cascate del Mulino is very busy.

Is there a nudist zone?

Although the Cascate del Mulino is a nature site offering a wild experience, in close contact with unspoilt nature, there is no nudist area.

Is there wheelchair access?

At the moment, the area is not equipped with walkways and areas specially designed for people with disabilities. On the other hand, the relaxation area of “Il Molino del Bagno” is barrier-free and therefore accessible to people with handicap.

Is there a possibility of bbq?

Setting fires in the whole area is strictly forbidden.

Is the area lit up at night?

No, there are no lighting installations.

A journey on the roads of Maremma, the most fascinating places of Tuscany and the best activities of a territory yet to be discovered.


One of the most popular natural destinations in Tuscany and Italy, the Saturnia waterfalls are located along the provincial road SP10 that connects the charming villages of Montemerano and Saturnia, in the municipality of Manciano.

For information, call this number every day from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm: +39 370 3565259

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